The original system of glass walls, ESPES 100

ESPES 100 is a glass wall system distinguished by excellent sound insulation, precise craftsmanship, and modern design. Primarily designed for office spaces, this acoustic system offers comprehensive solutions that meet the highest user expectations.


  • exceptional level of sound insulation
  • reliability of construction
  • possibility of applying unconventional solutions, such as curved glass
  • ability to install automatic blinds inside
  • transparency providing a sense of spaciousness and adequate illumination of the space
  • ability to use ESPES HR aluminum doors, fully glazed doors, or solid wooden doors
  • sustainable approach to the production of the ESPES 100 system

Glazing: double
Wall thickness: 106mm
Maksymalna wysokość: 3500 mm
Izolacyjność akustyczna: do Rw = 56 dB